Honnor Welldrillers Ltd


Over 50 years of drilling experience. We are well into the second generation of expertise.

We specialize in high volume irrigation wells that have originated out of drilling in difficult Central Hawke’s Bay compacted gravels and rock formations to achieve high well yields and high efficiencies.

We are a Hawke’s Bay based company and have continuously worked up in the Gisborne Region since 1972 and in Taupo, Kawerau, Galatea and Whakatane since 1994.

As the years have progressed, our range of drilling services have steadily grown from 100mm diameter wells to a depth of 60 meters through to 300mm diameter wells at a depth of 600 meters.

In addition to the larger high flow wells, we are the preferred contractor to Mighty River Power (MRP), Century Resources and Contact Energy for drilling the Precollar wells in difficult terrain. This work encompasses drilling 1350mm diameter holes to 40 – 60 meter depths, then installing 1 meter diameter casings to within 1° vertical and cement grouting in the Kawerau, Ohaaki, Rotokawa, Wairakei, Ngatamariki and Mokai Steam Fields.

Our drill crews have been trained under the Geothermal Steam sector safety standards and have worked without any accidents for the past 11 years.

All staff have been inducted through the Energy Trainers system and are continuously updating that training to meet the latest safety requirements.