Honnor Welldrillers Ltd


Honnor Drilling Ltd have 6 truck mounted Drill Rigs.

2 x Ingersol-Rand IR 36:

 TH60 – USA built Rig. Remanufactured in 2006

Drill Rig capacity: 450HP
750cfm x 300psi onboard compressor.
100mm diameter holes to 600 meters.
300mm diameter holes to 300 meters.
Specialist spudding / surging system to give improved well yields.

TH62 – USA built Rig. Remanufactured in 2010

500cfm x 250psi onboard compressor.

Schramm T660

This drill rig is capable of drilling and driving 300mm diameter casings using casing advancer system and simultaneously maintaining a casing seal.

Drill Rig capacity: 700HP
900cfm x 350psi onboard compressor.
1300mm diameter Precollar holes to 50 – 100 meter depth and beyond if required.
500mm diameter irrigation wells to beyond 300 meters depth.
300mm diameter irrigation wells to beyond 500 meters depth.




500 Gardner-Denver.
5 x 6″ mud pump.
100mm diameter holes to depths of 300 meters.
150mm diameter holes to depths of 150 meters.

Mud Pump

Ideco USA 7¼ x 12 duplex 300HP.


  • 24000 imp gals/hr @ 500 psi.


Shale Shaker

DFE Oil Field spec for solid and silt control.
This unit reduces the worksite footprint and minimizes site disturbance.

Drill Container and Work Station

6 x 2.4mtrs

Test Pumping Equipment

Honnor Drilling Ltd have an extensive range of pumps available (28 units) for flow testing and customer hire in emergencies.
From 90kw Plueger QN 103-3 to 2kw Grunfos 100 meter heads

All pumps are owned by Honnor Drilling Ltd and available without incurring additional hire costs during possible downtime.


Honnor Drilling Ltd can supply a 175kva Genset silenced unit to power the 90kw pump.

In conjunction to above we have a large industrial workshop and maintenance facilities incorporating lathes, welding fabricating and machining expertise.